Miniature Mermaid – Love Like Lola

Miniature Mermaid – Love Like Lola

If there is one thing we are to learn, it is to Love Like Lola. This tiny sweet Mermaid loves to love. She is one of the greatest teachers of love of all time.

On the sunny south shore of Lake Erie is where this Mermaid calls home. I so blessed to share that home with her! Of course, I live on land, obviously, while she –¬†sigh – lives at the beach!

If you’re not melting, you’re not human! And just so you don’t worry, when Lola first transformed from Mermaid to Puppy to walk on land, she missed the wonders of the water, and it just wasn’t meant to be, so she lost the use of her two back legs. Since then, she’s so happy to always be a Mermaid.

Love Like Lola. It’s that simple.

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