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The More You Let Go, The Higher You Rise

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Let Your Dreams Take Flight

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Your Greatness Is Not What You Have, It’s What You Give

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What We Create

Mythical Brides

Mythical Brides

Alternative bridal accessories for legendary creatures.
Adorn yourself >

Fossilized Flowers

Fossilized Flowers

Forevermore Florals, our Immortal Flowers come to life.
< Everlasting memories

Tree of Life

Tree of Life

Divine symbol of interconnectedness and immortality.
Explore your roots >

Magical Realms

Magical Realms

Become who you really are.
< Transform yourself

Personalised with Love

Personalised with Love

Whispers, the lightest touch, a soft caress of crystals.
Customise for perfection >

Special Occasions

Special Occasions

A special touch for that special someone.
< Find the perfect gift

Legendary Creatures

Mystical Collections
Magical Realms
Mystical Collections

Mystical Collections

Divine Legions

Cher Sum Love, producer and director of Full Moon Magical Retreats and Share On The Shore Gatherings. Cher Sum Love events are passionately designed with full on “Cher Flair” the secret ingredient of this artist devoted to service and healing.

Bring out your divine with our Amulets representing Angels, Goddesess, Queens, Spirits, Valkyries, Warriors, and more.

Magical Realms

Magical Realms

Mythical Monarchs

Clever and crafty is Stephanie, and Burlesque Dancer extraordinaire! With a professional background in small business administration, a personal love of crafting beautiful jewellery and a deep understanding of the nature of things, her manifestations are magical.

Elves, Fairies, Dragons, Mermaids, Unicorns, Pegasus and The Phoenix, find all your Mythical Accessories here!


Love Makes The World Go ‘Round

Oh my Gosh Gorgeous! Am I a Las Vegas showgirl or at a special Disney party or what! Came in a beatiful [sic] laminated gingham lunchbox/purse, nested in 2 pink feather boas with a business card, and a special surprise matching heart necklace (like the center heart) in a beautiful metallic watercolor box. The whole box was wrapped in beautiful hot pink gift wrap! AHHHH!

M. Weber

I purchased custom ordered jewelry from this shop for various people in our wedding party. Lisa was AMAZING to work with and provided pictures all along the way to make sure everything was exactly as I wanted. The order arrived promptly and everything was in perfect condition, and even more beautiful than in the pictures she sent me! This is the best experience I’ve ever had and I absolutely recommend this shop to anyone looking for beautiful custom pieces.

J. Foster


Glitter Up – Shop Now!
Formerly Lisa Kelleher Jewellery, now Myhtical Bride Accessories and Fashion Jewellery, embellished with Crystals by Swarovski, see how they shine:


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